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Most of the A&D Series of precision balances are equipped with a standard built in underhook.  These include:

The GP Series of Precision High Capacity Toploading Industrial Balances can be purchased with an optional underhook.

Optional underhook Part# Underhook for Price
GP-20 GP-12K thru 40K SEE PRICES
GP-21 GP-60K thru 102K SEE PRICES

The EK-6000G/12KG can be purchased with the optional EKW-07G under hook assembly.  The EKW-07G is attached to the bottom of the main unit for weighing large objects that are difficult to load on the weighing pan.  The under hook assembly allows for large object and magnetic material to be weighed in suspension.  The EK4000-H and EK6000H can also be purchased with the optional EK-07H under hook assembly.

The underhook makes density determination a relatively simple matter.  The steps outlined below explain just how easy the weigh below feature is:

  1. You can find the underhook behind the plastic plug on the under-side of your HM, HR, HF, HFG series balance.  The EK6000/12KG, EK4000H/EK6000H and the GP-Series offer the underhook optional and you should have it installed.weigh below feature
  2. Place the balance on a weighing table with a hole cut in it or place the balance on a firm metal stand designed for underhook weighing
  3. Hang a light-weight weighing harness from the underhook, or thread a strand of thin string/wire through the underhook.
  4. For best results re calibrate the balance with the harness in place.
  5. Place the object on weighing harness or wire.
  6. The weight (A) of the material in air will be displayed on LCD. (example A = 10.0000g)
  7. For density determination leave object on weighing harness and lower into water at 10C.
  8. Record the weight (B) of the material in now in water displayed on LCD. (example B = 0.4666g)
  9. Find the water density (C) from the following table. (C = 0.99970 g/cm3)
0C 0.99984 g/cm3
4C 0.99997
10C 0.99970
15C 0.99910
20C 0.99820
25C 0.99704
30C 0.99565
Numbers for reference only
Volume 0.4666g
--------=0.4667 cm3
0.99970 g/cm3
Density 10.0000g
--------=21.4 cm3
0.4667 cm3

10. The density is 21.4 cm3 . This is most likely platinum.


analytical balance

A&D GH-Series and GR-Series Analytical Balances combine the advanced performance with motor driven internal calibration mass for simple one touch automatic calibration for enhanced accuracy.
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